Queen of

the Mic

Quintessential Event Host, MC/Moderator &
Public Speaking Coach for Executives

Meet Ifunaya

Ifunanya, also known as ‘Queen of the Mic’ is the Quintessential event host, Public speaker, Public speaking coach, and Self-development Enthusiast who transformed herself from a less confident person to a super confident person and then uses her story, experiences, and wealth of knowledge to help others become the best version of themselves.

She also offers special public speaking classes for kids and teens.

Over the years, her love for owning the stage and wielding the microphone has radiated through the multitude of
events and ceremonies she has graced, and without doubt has earned the title “Queen Of The Mic”


MC & Keynote speaker

Ifunaya has mastered the heartbeat of any event, she seamlessly orchestrates the flow and energy to ensure a memorable and engaging experience for the audience. 

Coaching public speaking

Ifunaya is a true powerhouse in the realm of public speaking, embodying charisma that not only informs the audience but also leaves an indelible impact on their minds.